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Adams, Johnna
"Silent Suppression as Feminist Expression," Jan. 2011

Arjomand, Minou
"Workshopping Edinburgh," Sept. 2010

Aronson, Arnold
"Producing Classical Drama in the United States," Apr. 2014

Badt, Karin
"Are We Eating Cake?", Oct. 2006
"Todd's Not There," Dec. 2007

Beaurguard, Victor
"Ghosts & the Dead Man," July 1996

Bentley, Eric
"Acceptance Speech for the Thalia Prize," Nov. 2006
"Round Two Round One," Dec. 2008

Bhaneja, Balwant
"On The Cyclist: An Introduction," May 2005
"Vijay Tendulkar (1928-2008)," June 2008

Blackadder, Neil
"Lies of the Drama," Mar. 2010

Bochert, Henning
"Something Lost in Transit," Dec. 2009

"Playwright, Playtext and Director in the U.S. Theater," May 2014
"One Year in Berlin," Dec. 2015

Brustein, Robert
"Colorless Van Gogh," April 2003
"On Being a Museum," June 2003
"Hallie's Comet: The Federal Theatre," Dec. 2003
"Cape Town Races," Feb. 2004
"Player's Dispassion," July, 2004
"Shakespeare's Geography," Nov. 2004

Byrne, Kevin
"Cirque du Soulless," Mar. 2006
"The Gold-Painted Plaster Leg of Love," Mar. 2008
"Exclamation Point," Apr. 2009

Carlson, Marla
"Marina Abramovic Repeats," Dec. 2005

Carlson, Marvin
"Mourning Mourning," Jan. 2004
"Psycho Streetcar," Jan. 2004

Carver, Gordon
"New Rags, New Bones," Feb. 2005
"Rewriting Revenge," Apr. 2006

Casdin, Adam
"Macbeth's Young Frankenstein Moment," May 2008

Cayer, Jennifer
"Dressed Up in Your Skin and Bones," June 2010
"Creeps," July 2012

"Cinephilia," May 2013

Cermatori, Joseph
"Psychic Bloodspurts," Feb. 2007

Chansky, Dorothy
"Decibelle Level," Feb. 2003

Chaudhuri, Una
"Different Hats," January 2003
"Close Encounters: My Blacks Story," Mar. 2003
"The Poison Talking," May 2003
"The Academic Abject," Feb. 2004
"Animal Acts for Changing Times," Oct. 2004
"Beyond Landscape," Jan. 2006

Climenhaga, Royd
"Realigned Presence," Aug. 2009

Cummings, Scott T.
"Real Children and Other Quandaries," January 2003

Diamond, Elin
"Ruby Cohn (1922-2011)," Oct. 2011

Dimmick, Kathleen
"Secrets of Attraction," May 2003
"Theater Games," Oct. 2003

"Go Ost Young Man," July 2006
"Blood Lettings," Feb. 2007

"Letter from London," May 2014

Dujardin, Gwynn
"Singing the Standards," June 2005

Dweck, Ava
"Tribute to Memory," Dec. 2013

Ebrahimian, Babak
"No More Enemies," Mar. 2005

Edelson, Loren
"Ophelia, Thrice Born," June 2008
"Best Supporting Roles," Feb. 2009

Evans, Christine
"Home to Roost," March 2003

Felton-Dansky, Miriam
"Thoughts on My Name is Rachel Corrie," Mar. 2006

Finkle, David
"Hard Laughter," June 2003
"Getting a Hedda," Oct. 2004

Fitzgerald, Jason
"The Second Life of Rachel Corrie," Oct. 2006

Foreman, Richard
"Notes on My Next Project--Zomboid!," Oct. 2005

Gainor, J. Ellen
"Fruits of Anger," Aug. 2005

Garrett, Shawn-Marie
"Rude Awakening," May 2007

Garson, Cyrielle
"Vibes of Vilar," Sept. 2012

Greene, Alexis
"Artifact as Survivor," June 2003
"Family Americanus," July 2003
"Car Trouble," Nov. 2003
"Not Since What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?", Dec. 2007

Hammond, Barbara
"How to Stay a New York Playwright," June 2011

"Brecht, Love and Taylor Mac," Feb. 2013

Harries, Martin
"Odysseys in America," Sept. 2003
"Having Your Cage," Oct. 2003
"Lost in Transnation," Dec. 2003
"Crritic!," Mar. 2004
"Elevate Me Later," Apr. 2004
"Choose Your Poison," Feb. 2005
"Sarah Kane Was Not a Suicide," Oct. 2005
"On a Far-Away Island," Mar. 2006
"Terrorists and Christian Husbands," Mar. 2007

"No Noises Off," June 2007
"A Note on Death, Modernism, and Mark Morris's Staging of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet," July 2008
"The Performance of Everyday Life," July 2009
"Shadow Puppets," June 2010
"Demands for Empathy," Nov. 2011

Hilborn, Debra
"Lost and Found and Lost Again," Mar. 2004

Honegger, Gitta
"Bodies that Matter," Mar. 2007

Howe, Tina
"Teaching at Hunter," May 2005

Kalb, Jonathan
"Emperors and Empresses," Mar. 1998
"Stein Soup," Feb. 1999
"Song Logic" December 2002
"Marathon Mensch", May 2001
"In Colder Blood," Jan. 2003
"Pictures at a Non-Execution," Mar. 2003
"Come Again?," Apr. 2003
"How I Watch a Richard Foreman Play," June 2003
"Capturing the Artifact," July 2003
"Divided to Conquer," Sept. 2003
"Moreness or Lessness," Oct. 2003
"More Big Fat Reference Books!", Nov. 2003
"The Madness of King Rufus," Jan. 2004
"Dynastic Reflections," June 2004
"Spy Trails," Dec. 2004
"Profound Pathologies," July 2005
"Richard Gilman: In Memoriam," Oct. 2006
"Tony Kushner on Mother Courage," Nov. 2006
"The Long and the Short of It," Oct. 2008
"Amazing Untold Stories of Catalogues," Oct. 2008
"Notes on Blanchett's Blanche," Dec. 2009
"Understatement and Awe," Oct. 2010
"Another Half-Masterpiece," Nov. 2010
"Absolute Ambivalence," Apr. 2011
"Occupational Hazards," Dec. 2011

"Doh! A Tragedy," Oct. 2013
"Out of the Dark," Nov. 2013
"Shakespeare Unimproved," Nov. 2013
"Voids Lost and Found," Dec. 2013
"Boundaries of Scandal," Feb. 2014
"Little Big Beckett," Oct. 2014
"What Breaks Our Bones," Nov. 2014

"Can Comical Rape Be Holiday Cheer", Dec. 2014
"She'll Go On," Mar. 2015
"After the Shouting Ends," Sept. 2015
"Splashy Times," Oct. 2015
"Learning Issues," Nov. 2015
"Rebel Rhetoric and Restless Tweens," Jan. 2016
"A Damn Fine Broadway Hour," Mar. 2016
"Austerity and Indulgence," Mar. 2016

Kattwinkel, Susan
"The Redemption Ouroboros," June 2012

Kauffmann, Stanley
"Bernard Shaw, Coincidentally," December 2002
"Enter Shylock," April 2003
"Büchner: A Revelation," April 2004
"A La Recherche du Temps Perdu: The Proust Screenplay," Oct. 2005
"Hamlet's Wit," Nov. 2005
"Macbeth's Tomorrow," Mar. 2006

"Our Debts to the Duke," Aug. 2006

Kushner, Tony
"Eugene O'Neill: The Native Eloquence of Fog," Jan. 2004

Marx, Bill
"Terminal Skinflint," July 2004

Marx, Robert
"Landscape for a Saint," June 2003

McLean, Robert Simpson
"An Open Letter to James Nicola," Mar. 2006

McNulty, Charles
"A Child Is Being Beaten," May 2003

Mee, Charles L.
"Unfinished Stories," Mar. 2004

Munk, Erika
"Why Art Thou Here? Give a Straight Answer," Dec. 2011

Murillo, Carlos
"Playwright, Playtext and Director in the U.S. Theater," May 2014

No Passport
"Dirty Thoughts About Money," January 2003
"Blood Metal Lullabies," January 2004
"Deportations," Sept. 2004
"Eight Poems for a New Theater Century," July 2005

Orenstein, Claudia
"A How-To of Holy Resistance," Feb. 2012

Perkins, Shari
"Don't Let Him Be Such a Hero," June 2011

Puchner, Martin
"Toying with Ibsen," November 2003
"Lessons of War," February 2004
"Animated Operas," Mar. 2004
"Animating Animals," Oct. 2005

Rakoczy, Anita
"Let's Count, Daddy," Oct. 2011

"Be There," Dec. 2012

Rebeck, Theresa
"A Thousand Voices," Mar. 2010

Robinson, Marc
"Permanent Brain Stasis," February 2003

Rogoff, Gordon
"Deadly Theater Meets Dead Horse," Mar. 2003
"Sly in Bottomless Love," Dec. 2006

Romanska, Magda
"Genuine Illusions of Our Times," July 2012

Schechter, Joel
"The Three Trillion Dollar Opera," May 2011
"A Lost Play Recovered?", May 2012

Schmidt, Jenny
"An Unlikely Utopia," Feb. 2013

Shewey, Don
"Somebody's Watching," August 2003

Solomon, Alisa
"P.C. for the Ages," January 2003
"Measure for Pleasure," January 2006

Soloski, Alexis
"Breaking Ice," March 2008

Sternberg, Patricia
"Paper Wins Again," May 2003

Stoller, Terry
"To Whom It May Concern," Sept. 2003
"Railroaded," Feb. 2004
"Injustice is Served," Sept. 2004
"Tribunals at the Tricycle," Mar. 2005
"The Age of Terror," Sept. 2005
"A Singular Voice," Mar. 2006
"Crimes of the P.M.," May 2007
"Nothing But the Truth," Dec. 2008
"Designing The Great Game," July 2009

Stolowitz, Andrea
"One Year in Berlin," Dec. 2015

Strausfeld, Laura
"Lights up on Spiderman (the Taymor Version)," May 2011

Straw, Abraham Lincoln
"The New Art of Lying," June 1999

Stryk, Lydia
"Our Caretaker," Feb. 2009

Svich, Caridad
"Torn Limb," April 2003
"Lost Postcards," June 2003
"A Good Fast," August 2003
"Ports of Entry," Nov. 2003
"Come Burning," Feb. 2004
"Unfinished Stories," Mar. 2004
"Who Am I?", Apr. 2004
"Dead Girl's Dance," June 2004
"Fiction's Hold," Aug. 2004
"What the Mirror Sees," Oct. 2004
"Multiple Selves," Dec. 2004
"Inviting the Audience," Feb. 2005
"Interrogating Drama," Apr. 2005
"Bloody London," June 2005
"Anatomy of Abandonment," Oct. 2005
"Brilliant Gestures," Feb. 2006
"An Unsentimental Education," Apr. 2006
"Tim Crouch's Theatrical Transformations," Oct. 2006
"Tracking America," Jan. 2007
"In a Garden State," Feb. 2008
"On a Burning Altar," Oct. 2008
"The Looking Glass," Jan. 2009
"Recovering Trauma," Sept. 2011

"Acts of Being," July 2015

Tendulkar, Vijay
"The Cyclist," May 2005

Torchin, Mimi
"When Egos Collide," Oct. 2011

Turner, Jeff
"Oh well, whatever, nevermind," May 2004

Vorlicky, Robert
"Coming of Age: Mamet at Sixty," July 2008

Walser, Theresia
"A Playwright's Worries," Mar. 2008

Weisberg, Rebecca Fried
"Courtside Drama," July 2004

Wirth, Andrzej
"Two Octogenarians on the Double-Helix Ramp of Time,"
Oct. 2013

Young, Paul David
"Modern Geek Theater," Dec. 2008

Zeifman, Hersh
"Staging Sam: Beckett as Dramatic Character," Apr. 2006


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